Last update on: January 11, 2021

1xbet affiliate is a kind of business tool that acts as a link between Internet developers, owners of small sites and large portals, and of course ordinary players of a bookmaker's office.

The company operates under the standard RS scheme. Revenue Share is the deduction of a percentage of the profit from the player's income.

At a minimum, 1xbet partners receive 15% on Revenue Share and according to the partner's activity, you can get up to 25%. Moreover, the income is generated from those who are invited by referrals: level 2-8%, level 3-5%, and level 4-2%.

It is essential to note that for abuse of the rules of the partner program, the Commission cut down to 10% invariably.

How to become 1xBet Partners

1xbet is a huge business project that offers its customers sports betting services, money games, casinos, and more recently, its own online cinema. And taking into account the fact that this bookmaker takes the lead in the whole world, it still continues to develop and launches its own affiliate network.

This is an international program that can be joined by anyone who wants to make a profit not only from their own bets but also from the bets of other bookmaker clients.

How to Register as a 1xBet Partner

If you want to become a partner of the office, then all you need to do is pass the standard registration on the affiliate website.

Registration contains standard questionnaire questions and does not require too much time:

  • Personal data

  • Partner's website

  • States and language

  • How did you learn about the affiliate program

  • Contact information: e-mail, name, Skype, phone

  • The details for receiving payments

All data must be accurate and reliable.

Also, special attention is paid to the state, which is indicated during registration. This affects its inclusion in a specific commission group. Commissions may vary depending on the country or continent — they are set depending on the internal processes of the company. This may also affect the number of payment methods available.

After sending the registration data, you need to open your email and confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the email from 1xbet partners.

Advantages of 1xBet Affiliate

At the same time, the bookmaker's affiliate program is a standard hierarchical referral framework. New customers are registered with a link to the referral partner, and the company, in turn, pays a percentage of the invited bid.

Also, according to the terms of this program, all advertising materials are provided by the bookmaker's side. In other words, the partner does not need to think about the promotion everything has already been done for him.

As for its practical application, the program is quite similar for international business. As of today, it already has more than 30,000 partners from all over the world.

The 1xbet affiliate program includes a symbiosis of simple advertising management and stable operation of the office itself. Thus, earnings directly depend on the partner's efforts.

What is the fundamental difference between the 1xbet affiliate program and other betting programs?

  • The commission is paid for life;
  • Sable weekly income;
  • Advertising materials for various platforms are freely available;
  • Personal training and support;
  • No one limits you in earning money.

Advice on each issue related to the partnership can be obtained even without creating an account. The company responds by mail [email protected] and in Skype support1x.

Functionality of the 1xBet Partner Site

The main features for working as an invitee are implemented on the site. Everything is done so that the partner does not have to create functions on their own, but simply add or connect them to their traffic.

  • Source sites

The sites where you plan to advertise the company must be added by you to your personal account.

You can add up to ten sources and work on your personal strategy using original advertising materials.

  • Affiliate links

Such 1xbet links are designed to collect statistical data on invited clients. They record absolutely all the actions of partners, including the number of bets made by them, deposits or withdrawals.

Affiliate links are generated for each site separately, and their visitors can be directed not only to the main page but also to any other page of the betting site.

  • Materials for attracting users

Banners and other types of promotional materials can be found in the «Marketing Tools» section. They are offered in the following formats:

  • Direct Link

  • HTML5

  • GIF

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • Flash

You can search for content by specific criteria: language, tag, currency, size, and format.

  • Statistics and reports

The 1xbet partner account allows you to view both summary statistics with General indicators and trends, and detailed reports. Basic information includes the number of impressions, clicks, registrations, direct links, accounts with deposits, the amount of commission generated, and earnings for a specific period of time.

The minimum period for data analysis is a day. You can also view statistics for a month, year, or any period.

In addition to generalized statistics, there are 4 types of detailed reports:

  1. By players,
  2. According to promotional materials,
  3. Short summary report,
  4. The full summary report.

1xBet Affiliate Terms and Restrictions

  • It is prohibited to locate ads with referral links of behalf company;
  • 1xbet does not endorse incentive through email spam and contextual activity. Accounts that violate this requirement are deleted without paying money;
  • Company can deny referrals that are not profitable to keep;
  • Company’s profit and deductions to partners are calculated only from sports betting;
  • Multi-accounting is always forbidden;
  • Collusion with other players is also prohibited.