Overview of 1xBet Official Website

1xbet website is decorated in quite pleasant blue tones for the eye. It is pleasant to the perception and looks quite modern and stylish despite the fact that its creation dates back to 2011.

The bookmaker's website is designed so that each user can find what he needs. Each page of the site is filled with pleasant visual effects and only useful information. Along with this, the site is adapted to the mobile version, so viewing the site is convenient from any device and any platform.

The central upper part of the site is given over to an information portal, thanks to which registered users of the site can learn about the most profitable bets of the current day and about those bonuses and promotions that take place on the bookmaker's website.

Analyzing 1xbet.com it is safe to say that it is the most functional and very convenient in its navigation. Absolutely any match or competition can be found with the help of an embedded search filter. Convenient and at the same time fast competition search system, which significantly speeds up the search for the desired event and saves the user time spent on betting.

www.1xbet.com it works fast enough and opens easily even with a low internet connection speed due to the fact that it does not have advertising banners and flash animations.

The functional part of the site is completely subordinated to logic and is made simple and convenient even for inexperienced players.

All the necessary information for placing bets is displayed on the site is a fairly convenient information block. The menu with buttons leading to the most important sections and categories of the site is located at the top of the page.

It should be noted that you can move around the site very quickly and easily because its structure has been developed taking into account all the user's convenience:

  • Learn more about the Windows app and mobile devices

  • Learn more about deposit and withdrawal methods

  • Information about bets in «Telegram»

  • Order a callback and get help, advice

  • See statistics and results

  • Select the site language

  • Log in and register

All this can be done from any tab of the site, as the menu is displayed on top of each user. The same features are available to mobile phone users, as well as those players who have already downloaded the app.

The site user can understand this menu very simply and easily in just a couple of minutes.

It is also nice to note that the onexbet bookmaker does not stop at the results achieved and, despite the high traffic to the site, constantly increases its functionality.

So recently, the bookmaker gave the opportunity to registered users of its website to communicate on a specialized forum of players and view free online broadcasts of the most interesting football matches and even popular movies and TV series in HD quality.

1xBet Login India

In order to log in to 1xbet.com, you need to enter the login and password during registration that the system generated for you. To do this, click the «Log in» button on the main page of the site and enter your data.

The following data can also be used as a 1xbet login:

  1. Email specified in your personal account;
  2. The phone number associated with the account;
  3. The account number that the system generates.

At the same time, regardless of whether you entered an email or, for example, an account number, the password will be the same for each of the options. The same applies to the mobile version of the site, the smart phone app or the PC app. The same username-password combination is used for all variants.

1xBet Registration

The registration procedure is quite transparent and provides for 4 possible ways to pass it:

  1. «In one-click»;
  2. «By phone»;
  3. «By email»;
  4. «Via social networks».

Let's focus on each of them so that you can choose the most convenient one:

  • One-click registration

    The fastest, it will take less than a minute. Your username and password will be generated automatically, so you only need to select your country and currency of residence. Don't forget to insert our promo code to get an extra€ 130 to your first bankroll.

  • Via the phone

    This may take a little longer, instead your profile will be connected to your smart phone, which increases the security level several times. Here you need to switch to another country and write down your mobile phone number (in India it starts with +91). Once you have done this, confirm the procedure by SMS and finish it.

  • Via email

    Just like the previous one, but here you need to write your email address as well as your phone number. The confirmation goes through the email link, and if you don't get it immediately, don't forget to check for spam, because sometimes it misses the right folder.

  • Via social networks

    This method will be useful if you have a profile in one of the listed social networks: «VKontakte», «Telegram», «Google+», etc. Your data will be imported from them, so you will save one extra minute of your life.

1xBet Verification

Identity verification is a prerequisite for a 1xbet bookmaker. It is best not to wait for a request from the company's support service and do it yourself immediately after 1xbet login or registration. To do this, go to the «Personal account» and select «Verification».

Among the documents that you want to send scans to the player's support service are:

  1. ID (passport or driver's license);
  2. Bank statement (in some cases, the bookmaker may ask you to send your photo with a bank card).

In some cases, the one x bet bookmaker will also require a video call to confirm your identity. It is worth noting that to begin with, you are invited to download one of the above documents in your personal account, but later the bookmaker can request the rest.

What personal data can be changed in the 1xBet profile

It is also worth noting that editing a profile in ixbet at the initial stages is simple and it is enough to fill in all the empty columns, then save the information.

If the user needs to change any information in the profile, then it will not be possible to do it yourself. You need to contact the technical support service, describe the problem in detail and wait for a response. Upon request, you must confirm your identity — accept a video call via Skype, send a copy of your passport.

There must be a good reason for editing personal data:

  • The official change of name or surname for any reason;
  • Replacement of the passport and, as a result, its number and series;
  • Mistake due to inattention. Here you need to understand that the typo must be plausible.

Sometimes there is a problem that initially the profile was registered for fictitious data or another person. This is prohibited by the rules that the user agrees to when registering by checking the box. But even in this case, there is a chance to change your personal information and withdraw money, provided that other rules were not violated:

  • The person who registered was over 18 years old;
  • User has no other accounts registered to the real passport number or phone;
  • The administration has no reason to suspect a person of fraud, the use of prohibited software.

The most common information you need to edit is your cell phone number, first name, and/or last name. To be able to edit the data, you must:

  1. Write a message to the technical support service; describe in detail the reason for changing the data — the loss of the phone and linking a new one, changing the last name;
  2. Attach a copy of your passport;
  3. Attach a copy of the document confirming the change of data;
  4. Specify the new data that you want to change (your name, phone number);
  5. Send a request via the official website of the bookmaker. It is strictly forbidden to use third-party platforms — only a legal representative is fully responsible for the safety of data and will not use it for personal or fraudulent purposes.

The user will still not be able to change the phone number or full name on their own; they will be edited by the employees of the betting company. In the case of repeated requests, a person may be suspected of lying if no documentary confirmation of the data change is provided.

Support Service

None of the user's questions will remain unanswered, because the bookmaker has a wide online help system because every player is very important for a company of this level. The technical support of the bookmaker can be described as reliable, qualified, and responsive.

In addition, it is multilingual, so, for example, using 1xbet contact number, you can contact them in English, as well as in Hindi or another convenient language that you use.

Assistance can be provided through:

  • Online chat

    1xbet live chat is the fastest way to get an answer to a question, because the chat tab is available on every page of the site.

  • E-mail

    [email protected] (for betting issues), [email protected] (for financial matters) — the waiting time here will be longer than in an online chat, but if communication by email is convenient for you, then use this option.

  • By phone

    Using 1xbet customer care number +380 800801345. The bookmaker's team is ready to answer any question by calling the free hotline.

  • Feedback form

    Or callback order are available on the website.

How to Bet in 1xBet Website

Sports betting is considered a priority activity of 1xbet bookmaker. Players are provided with the widest line with variable painting for each individual event, as well as high coefficients and low margins. In total, players have 12 odds options at their disposal (which in itself is much more than in most Indian offices). All types of bets available in. 1xbet can be found in the rules section of the official 1xbet.com.

There is traditional single-and multi bets. There are also «exotic offers». Among them are anti-express, patents, and chains. So, below are all the main types of bets and a brief guide to them:

  • Single

The player's task is to make a bet on 1 outcome. The simplest and most understandable type of bets. Your profit = coefficient * per amount.

  • Express

It is also called a «steam locomotive». The essence of the bet is to «attach» several events and get a win on them. The express must include at least 2 outcomes. The odds between them are multiplied and then multiplied by the bet amount.

  • The system

This is a set of several express trains. Profit for the system = sum of net profit for each Express. The maximum number of available events is 12. The maximum number of options in the compiled system is 924.

  • Chain

This is a set of residents. It includes events that do not depend on each other. The calculation of profit depends on the location of bets.

  • Express «Stayer»

This type of bet is available only in this bookmaker. The idea is to create an express, and then add events to it for 60 days.

  • Trust

It can also be found under other names: «advance», «debt». The essence of this does not change. If there are outstanding bets, the bookmaker provides an advance payment. Its amount is determined in each case individually.

  • «Promo code»

In this case, the bookmaker will have 1 free bet! If you win on it, the bookmaker will credit the money to your account.

  • Multi stack

This is a system where express trains and ordinaries are combined. Bets can be made on the line or live. Bets are made keeping in view the Lobby without it. Lobby — «permanent outcome», which is present in all bets.

  • Conditional bid

This is a set of bets on outcomes that are not related to others. For the bet to play, the previous outcome must go to plus. If the outcome loses, then your entire bet «fails».

  • Anti-express

This deal is the opposite of express. The player needs to make an express of previously losing outcomes. The anti-express coefficient is inversely proportional to the express coefficient. The calculation is made using special formulas automatically on the website.

  • Lucky

This is a combination of ordinaries and express trains that were made up of all possible events. The minimum number of events on lucky is 2. The maximum is 8. For example, you have selected 2 events for lucky. This means that the bet includes outcome #1 + outcome #2 + an express of 2 outcomes. It turns out that the player has a total of 3 options.

  • Patent

This is a set of express trains made up of given outcomes. The minimum number of events is 3. The maximum is 8. To get a payout, you will have to correctly predict at least 1 choice.

You can learn more about all types of bets in the rules. Section 4 is devoted to betting. There is a special item that describes the calculation rules. There you can also find examples to get acquainted with the types of betting in more detail.

How to Bet in 1xBet Mobile App

The 1x bet mobile app comes with all the features available on the site. It offers a large selection of Live Events, so players will always have a choice. In addition, the app allows players to easily follow not only Live-bets, but also pre-match bets.

The bet is made easily and quickly.

In order to make a bet in the app, the player must:

  1. In the main menu, go to the «Line» section, where you can decide on the sport and championship;
  2. In the next window, you will need to select the desired sports event and click on the desired outcome;
  3. Specify the bid amount;
  4. In the pop-up window, click on the «Place a bet» button.

How to bet on express or deliver system

In order to create an express or install a system, you need to follow this algorithm:

  1. Click on the outcome and click «Add to Coupon»;
  2. Do this with several options;
  3. Expand the coupon. Navigate between the tabs at the top to select «Express» or «System»;
  4. Specify the amount;
  5. Confirm the transaction.

How to make live bet

To place a bet in live mode, you need:

  1. Go to the «Live» section;
  2. Choose a sport and championship;
  3. Choose the outcome;
  4. Add the bid to the coupon;
  5. Specify the amount;
  6. Confirm the transaction.

If the player has any questions regarding the use of the resource, he can always contact the company's support service.

How to verify your 1xbet account?

The need for this action arises when withdrawing funds from the game account. The company requests your personal document, which will confirm the coincidence of personal data with the data specified in the profile. It should be borne in mind that this may require several documents.

With a high degree of probability you will be asked for a copy of an identification card, your passport or a receipt for any payment that you made. Access to withdrawal of won funds will appear immediately after confirmation. This is the standard procedure of most bookmakers, which is aimed at maintaining security, so do not worry about it.