Last update on: October 19, 2020


A cantralized cryptocurrency exchange from worldwide superior bookmaker 1xbet.

It is originally located in Limassol, Cyprus, as well as their maternal gambling-provider. It started in August 2017 and since that times has expanded a lot, especially due to cryptocurrencies listed.

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Dear users, we warn you about the danger of downloading installation files from unverified resources and we strongly recommend that you trust only reliable sources. Be careful!

The platform allows trading an enormous amout of cryptocurrency’s pairs, as well as obtaining an additional reward in form of rebait to the market makers. Head office of the company registered in Estonia, where most of the rest cryptocurrency exchanges maintaining their HQ. The reason for it connected with the Estonian legislature, which is the most crypto-friendly beyond all of the countries worldwide.

In order to put money in or out, they are offering to use fiat currencies, as well as any of the cryptocurrencies presented in the platform. This brief would estimate Crex24 as an exchange platform, summarizing all key issues.

Turnover and Markets

According to statistical resources, Crex24 has $2,9 million daily volume of trading though the platform. An exchange consists of 560 coin presented in and over 860 different pairs, which puts them into 66 place on CoinGecko’s ranking of exchanges.

However, instead of such extremely huge variety of currency’s pair listed, the highest share of currencies which are trading most belongs to Bitcoin – it’s share is 60% or aproximately $950 000 per daily volume. The second one is Ethereum with 39% total share or $623 000 daily traded volume.

The share of the rest cryptocurrencies presented is lower then 1% to each one. Furthermore, a lot of other coins can be caracterised as a scams and some of them even had been described as a scam-projects in several respectful crypto-media’s.

On the screenshots below you see the total volume of the exchange:


As well as «Money Flow» due to last 24 hours:


Interface in a Glance

Crex24 has a quite informarive and non-overloaded oceanic design with multiple screens and graphs in.


As a key feature can be distinguished a TradingView graph which is fully integrated into the platform. It provide the info in 3 tabs: on traditional graph with candles from TradingView, a market depth graph describing current deamds and supply on the pair chosen and the main info of certain coin with useful links.

There are also a trading history located lower, buy/sell button with an extra data on it, a bid glass of orders to particular pair and the instrumets tab on the right side.

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The main menu located at the top, would help to quickly navigate to account setting, reposrt of your trading, faucets program and games section, which was probably borrowed from 1xbet.

CREX Token

Crex24 exchange platform has developed their individual token with a ticket CREX. It is used to maintaining the ecosystem’s operation without outages.

A token can be obtained as a reward to burning rest of coins which haven’t been traded competely, as well as to burning delisted coins.


CREX can be exchanged on another cryptocurrency or fiat currency either. Furthermore, it can be used as a payment tool for commission charging or you can try your luck in one of the games presented.

Payments and Fees

The policy for money transfering is quite flexible, but at the same time stricked. In order to make a deposit or withdrawal funds, Crex24 is offering to use credit/debit card or one of the presented payment systems: Perfect Money, Yandex Money, QIWI and ePay.

It is availible to use both fiat currency and crypto, but for usage fiat one is requisted to pass through verification. Applicable fiat currencies for usage via Crex24 are the following:

  • USD

  • EUR

  • CNY

  • JPY

  • RUB

The amount of deposits starts from $1 or equal in another currency. The limits for withdrawing funds starts from $3. A time period for withdrawing the funds endures from 2 to 5 working days, which is quite long.

The platform comissions vary from trading volume of particular trader and can be the following:

  • 0,20% — Trading Volume ≥ 0 BTC
  • 0,18% — Trading Volume ≥ 5 BTC
  • 0,16% — Trading Volume ≥ 15 BTC
  • 0,14% — Trading Volume ≥ 30 BTC
  • 0,12% — Trading Volume ≥ 50 BTC

All users are able to check their history of orders or existing orders at the moment in appropriate section, which is easy-to-navigate to via main menu. Moreover, they can take part in the program of faucets which is offering a free-coins every 5-12 hours to collect. It is hardly to make a furtune this way, but instead quite pleasant.

Mobile App for Android

To a greater level of convenience of trading via Crex24 exhchange, their developers have created separate mobile application, which can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets based on Android.

The app is follows design of the platform and can be described as a pleasant addition to the traditional platform that allows you an access to your assets at any time you wish. You can see the appearance of the application on the screenshots below.


For the rest OS like Android or Windows, the app hasn’t been developed yet. However, the exchange is quite juvenile, so it can be changed recently.

1xbet apk download

Dear users, we warn you about the danger of downloading installation files from unverified resources and we strongly recommend that you trust only reliable sources. Be careful!


In order to sum up, 1xbet-gambling company has developed a pretty nice cryptoexchange platform when the crypto-industry was on top of its popularity.


The fact that the exchange is still operating means that their team funcionise well, which can be proven by sufficient daily turnover on exchange.

For the other point of view, there are a huge amount of coins listed in the exchange and the most part of them – no more then scams and don’t carry out anything beside them. Moreover, the platform is quite intransparent: there is no information about team, developers or any other details. For exchange platform it isn’t an advantage and raise suspicions about it’s fairness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many 1xbet users are bidding?

The exact calculation, of course, was not carried out. But it can be argued that users of the 1xbet bookmaker use this platform.

What knowledge you need to have in order to make money in the cryptocurrency exchanger Crex24?

Quite a provocative question. You must have certain knowledge of online trading, knowledge of exchanges and cryptocurrencies.

But there is no such «recipe» that will definitely allow you to earn with a 100% probability.

Is the 1xbet bookmaker directly linked to this burse?

That's right. It was created by people involved in the bookmaker 1xbet.

How to make money on the exchange Crex24?

As with any other - analyze, invest and get results.