Cricket in India: Where and How to Bet

Last update on: March 15, 2021

While the whole world plays football, some countries still prefer their «local» sports. For example, sepaktakrau is popular in Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore. Basque country loves a game called a pilot.

But India, long under influence of Great Britain, fell in love with cricket.

History of Indian Cricket

George Bernard Shaw once exclaimed: «Cricket is a game played by 11 fools and watched by 11,000 fools». This is certainly true because, in the Indian subcontinent, even a non-essential cricket match results in life being stopped for three, six, or 80 hours, depending on the format of the game.

The first match between sepoys (indentured Indian soldiers) and British colonial officers took place in 1845. This fact was recorded in the magazine Sporting Intelligence. As noted in the publication, Indians already demonstrated a high level of play.

Three years later, Parsee Oriental Cricket Club was established in Bombay, which in turn marked the beginning of the history of organized cricket in India.

A huge impact on the further development of cricket in India was the emergence of Nayudu Club, named after an entrepreneur from Bombay who was a great enthusiast of games. He not only created another team but also founded a sports school that accepted children without distinction of caste. They were taught cricket at the club, as well as General education — all for free, which was unheard of in India at the time.

Despite a promising start, cricket in India has not been at the highest level for a long time. It was not until 1932 that the first Indian national team appeared, captained by Kottari Kanakaya Nayudu, grandson of the founder of Nayudu Club and one of the world's best cricketers.

But it wasn't until 1983 that the team managed to win the cricket World Cup.

Today, when Indian cricket clubs have become leaders in world rankings, which in turn has generated a new interest in cricket-sports betting and the development of bookmaking.

The popularity of Betting in Cricket

Cricket betting is a multi-million dollar business in India.

The biggest markets are high-profile test matches between national teams, as well as T20 games in the Indian Premier League. Here, bets can reach up to 10,000 rupees, while winnings are calculated in hundreds of thousands.

Approximately 70% of bets on cricket are made in a live format.

There are mainly three formats of cricket these days:

  1. First-level cricket;
  2. One-day matches (ODI);
  3. T20.

At the first level, meetings can last 3, 4, or 5 days, in this format, test matches between national teams and national Championships are held. This is the lowest form of cricket, where matches are often played in a heavy tactical struggle.

The fastest and most spectacular regulation is T20, where matches do not last long. T20 is gradually gaining more and more popularity in the world. Here, only two winnings are played to complete the match, and the average duration of the match is three and a half hours.

ODI — is the golden mean. In these meetings, teams try to identify winners within one day, and the game as a whole is limited to 40 or 50 overs.

Types of Cricket Betting

There are many options for betting on cricket, but the most popular are:

  • Outcome

In first-level cricket, there is a draw, so odds on outcome in test matches are three-way. A draw is not as common as in football, but it is still relatively likely. In a one-day format and T20, Indian bookmakers offer two-way outcomes without the possibility of a draw.

  • Double chance

Betting on the outcome, only in a double chance, you can sum up two outcomes for a smaller coefficient — for example, that there will be no draw or that one of the teams will not lose at least.

  • Handicap

Here you can make a forecast on how much advantage the team will win or more than what handicap will not concede to the opponent.

For example, in test matches between strong teams, zero handicaps is very popular.

  • Totals

Bet on the number of runs per match or for a single stretch of overs. This can be both General totals and individual totals for each team.

  • Player stats

Top-level cricket lines tend to be full of suggestions for players ' personal achievements. Indicators are very diverse: the number of runs or 6-point shots, various titles at end of the match — best batsman or best player of meeting.

  • Statistics

Cricket is rich in various statistics and minor events. It will not be difficult to find quotes for the number of run-outs or the best result of the first partnership in lines for big matches. Also, many bookmakers in India offer to bet on how the first wicket will be destroyed.

  • First winnings

Quite a popular betting market in long test matches, because to find out the result of the first winnings, you do not need to wait a few days. In the first-winnings line, you can usually find all types of bets indicated above.

  • Draw

The most primitive forecast that can be made by bookmakers in India for all major matches, because chances of guessing attacking the first team are 50-50.

Where is the best make Bets on Cricket?

Currently, it is best to bet on cricket in online Bookmakers in India, as remote play over the Internet has a number of advantages that outweigh the advantages of offline betting.

After carefully analyzing the lines of Indian bookmakers, we are ready to give you navigation to the best list, the largest list of betting options, and the highest odds.

  • Betvictor

The cricket line is presented as wide as possible. Apart from national Indian tournaments, you can also find international tournaments and European leagues.

More than 60 markets are available for the most unpopular match. The odds are on average at the level of 2.30-2.50.

Also in the office, there are a number of permanent promotions, one of which is 15 free bets on cricket. After registration, the player's balance is credited with 150 rupees for bets.

  • 1xBet

The 1xbet cricket line is represented as widely as possible. In addition to national Indian tournaments, you can also find international tournaments and European leagues.

More than 60 markets are offered for the most unpopular match. Coefficients are on average at the level of 2.30-2.50.

  • Dafabet

The line of cricket in this office is one of the most saturated among Indian bookmakers.

In line, you will find tournaments from 30 countries around the world. The line includes specific cricket tournaments such as the Finnish Second League, the Pakistan National Division, or the Oman League.

About long-term bets on cricket should be said separately. The choice for such bets is really very good. In this case, the player can bet both on the championship of a single team, and against the passage of the market.

For approximately 30% of the events that are presented in the line, the office provides video broadcasts. For other events, the bookmaker provides an interactive map of the site, which displays the actions of teams or athletes.

In the settings, the client can set auto-confirmation when the coefficient changes (when the coefficient increases or always). Dafabet also has a one-click betting option. To use it, you only need to set a constant bet amount.

As for the odds, they are from 2.34 to 2.40 for ODI tournaments and from 2.56 to 2.70 for t20.

  • 12bet

In the mural of cricket games, 12bet offers up to 20 different betting markets. At the same time, the markets are grouped by category. The bookmaker gives a large list of events from the daily list of matches, top leagues such as England T20 Blast, India T20, ODI, All-League, and Live Cricket.

It is no exaggeration to say that the company offers the most profitable betting markets in India. The odds of individual markets are so high that even European bookmakers from 2.40 to 5.60 cannot compete with them.

What is noteworthy, the bookmaker offers high odds for live bets and very good painting. You can find up to twenty betting markets in the cricket match list, and even more in other sports.

Also, in the settings, the user of the office can enable the indication of changes in coefficients. Changes in quotes can be displayed using the arrows next to the coefficients or using the color of the coefficients.

  • Leovegas

The office has a fairly voluminous line on cricket. Here you can find both the lowest national tournaments of India and the European level championships. In almost all major tournaments, you can bet on the winner. There are at least 25 betting markets for any cricket match. Painting the office will satisfy the needs of most players.

Also, the Office offers huge coverage of matches for live-betting. More than 15 cricket events can be simultaneously in the 10bet line.

The coefficients range from 2.40 to 2.50. The margin of the office is 4-6%.

  • 10cric

This is a bookmaker who puts cricket first. The main games of the country, Europe, and regional competitions meet here.

A special feature is the availability of online cricket TV and a bonus for knocking on cricket of Rs 1,000.

In the «Virtual Sports» section, various virtual cricket competitions are also held around the clock. The coefficients are high - from 2.30 to 3.10. The margin is no more than 4-5%.

  • Royal Panda

Panda offers a good selection of cricket events. However, the focus in the office is primarily on European tournaments. There is a lot in the long-term betting line, you can bet on the results of the season not only of the Indian but even of the English fourth league.

In addition, the office is well implemented painting on the time interval of the goal, you can bet on a 5-minute or 10-minute segment.

The bookmaker offers very decent odds on cricket. For example, for local leagues, the quotes are 3.46, and for world events-from 2.20 to 2.90.

In live-betting, the odds are slightly higher-up to 4.00.

  • Betwinner

Betwinner has a pretty good record on pre-match cricket, but the firm's strong point is live betting. During the day, the office broadcasts live up to 15 events from around the world.

For some of the events, the office gives a video broadcast, and if it is not available, then there is an excellent match tracker on the site.

The painting on cricket here is not the best. The coefficients are at a low level of 1.80-2.20. At the same time, the margin does not exceed 3%.

  • Melbet

Melbet offers its customers not only a wide list of traditional cricket with a coefficient level of 2.50-3.40 but also excellent offers for electronic cricket with quotes from 3.10.

In addition to betting on ordinaries and express, Melbet offers various betting systems such as Yankee, Heinz, Goliath, Trixie, patent, and others. With the skillful use of them, you can get a stable income.

  • William Hill

It's not that the list of cricketers at William Hill is large, but there are plenty of offers.

The odds are high, ranging from 2.50 to 3.00. The bookmaker offers high odds from 2.30 to 5.00 for live bets and a very good list. Up to 20 betting markets can be found in the cricket match mural. Live broadcasts of matches are also good.

  • Unibet

The Unibet painting is quite impressive. Here you can find up to 30 outcomes for central T20 matches and other cricket events.

Unibet offers a wide range of matches-from international cricket tournaments to less popular regional games. A higher ranking competition, a broader list, and higher ratios

The coefficients in this gambling operator are average: up to 1.70 to 2.20. The margin is 4-5 % for events in the line and up to 3% in Live.

  • Betfair

Betfair's cricket line is considered one of the best in the world. It contains about 30 markets for each competition and dozens of different betting tournaments. The entire width of the line of the office is realized only when you look at the geography of its betting tournaments.

The line even features tournaments such as the Indian Second Division, the Indonesia Cricket Cup, and even the Palestine Championship. The coverage of events is so large that it even creates some difficulties when searching for events for bets.

Usually, offices with a wide line give low odds, but this principle does not apply to Betfair. On average, the margin here is 3-5%, but in national championship matches, it usually does not exceed 2.5%. All this applies to bets on the main outcomes, the margin in the pre-match painting is much higher. The coefficients here are extremely high — up to 5.50.

  • 22bet

In 22bet, the list of cricket competitions is quite high. In popular matches, there are more than a few dozen betting markets. Even in the lower European and Asian divisions, there are matches where you can bet on goalscorers. When you open large tournaments for betting, a tournament table with long-term betting odds appears at the bottom. You can bet on winning the tournament, getting into the number of winners, and the team's departure from the tournament.

The odds here are mid-market, and this Bookmaker is clearly lagging behind the leaders in this regard. In general, they are at the level of 2.10-2.80. At the same time, live at unpopular events, they can go up to 3.00.

  • 888sport

This site also offers its users high coefficients in the range from 1.80 to 3.10. However, the painting here is not as large as we would like. On the competition page, changes in coefficients are also displayed. Decreasing ones are highlighted in red, increasing ones in green.

As a rule, only top events are displayed in the search bar.

Live mode is also organized very conveniently. On the website of the office, you can follow the progress of the match in three different ways:

  • Statistics. To view detailed information about a meeting, click the schedule icon on its page. After that, a pop-up window will appear on the screen. There you can see the balance of forces, the composition of the teams, their previous meetings, and other important information.
  • Broadcasts. If you click the screen icon on the event page, you can watch the live broadcast of the competition. This option is only available for registered users.
  • Match center. It is a graphical representation of the field, which displays the actions of players and the score in real-time.

You can also watch the progress of the meeting on its page. However, they display rather poor information: only the score and the current time of the match.

  • Comeon

Here is a rich list of cricket in both pre-match and live. For example, cricket can include more than 50 different bets. This makes the office particularly attractive for cricket fans.

Here you can find matches of world, European and regional level. Also, Comeon offers a nice welcome bonus of RS 500 for cricket betting. The coefficients are at the level of 2.10-2.60. The margin does not exceed 3-5%.

  • Betway

The company has quite a wide list of popular cricket matches. For example, at the meetings of major European championships, the office offers more than 30 markets. Among the available options are popular winning outcomes, handicaps, and totals, as well as combined types.

There are also many secondary markets in the coupon. The level of quotations is above average: from 2.10 to 3.10. In pre-match mode, the average margin is 4%, while in live mode it drops to 2%.

  • Parimatch

The cricket line is represented quite widely and has more than 10 positions — there are popular disciplines, as well as several secondary options. For example, at least 35 markets are put up for an unpopular event. Most of the available outcomes are for totals and handicaps.

The office also provides online video broadcasts for the leading matches. For other events, the bookmaker provides an interactive map of the site, which displays the actions of teams or athletes.

For live cricket betting, the Parimatch bookmaker offers average quotes: from 1.50 to 2.30. The margin level is 5%, which is not a very profitable indicator.

  • Bwin

The office has a pretty good cricket line. Here you can find both national tournaments of India and European level championships. However, in live mode, players ' options are limited. There are no video broadcasts of matches, only an animated menu is offered. Only the main indicators are indicated in the statistical summary.

On the official website, you can use the match center. The coefficients here are average: from 1.90 to 2.50. The margin is 3-4%.


Cricket is a little-known sport, but the volume of bets is not inferior to baseball or handball. In India, it is game #1.

This sport is easy to analyze. Analyze statistics, form, motivation, and weather. Do not forget about tournament formats, which differ in the nuances of the rules and duration of matches, and then luck, will surely smile on you.