Hockey World Cup 2021: bets, forecasts, and odds

Last update on: March 16, 2021

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, 2020 the IIHF World Championship, which was supposed to be held in Sweden in May, was canceled. And now the hockey season has been moved to May 2021 (approximate dates from May 7 to May 23). Belarus and Latvia are the host countries.

Teams representing 16 countries will participate in the 2021 IIHF World Championship.

All participating teams are divided into 2 groups - A and B. The first group will play in Minsk, the second in Riga. Four leaders from each group enter the play-offs. The teams that finish last in their groups are relegated to the first division, where they will host the next world cup.

At the moment, the composition of the groups looks like this:

  • Group A (Minsk):

Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Great Britain, Belarus.

  • Group B (Riga):

Canada, Finland, USA, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Italy, Kazakhstan.

But the most important thing is that 1xbet has already started accepting bets on the World Hockey Tournament. Almost immediately after the opening of the lines on the site appeared options for betting not only on the Champions but also on the winners of their groups and individual matches.

The undisputed favorites of the World Cup according to 1xbet analytical experts are the teams of Canada, Russia, and Sweden. It was in this order that the bookmaker placed the main contenders for the title after opening the lines for the results of the tournament. According to estimates, Finland, the United States, and the Czech Republic should be their opponents who can impose competition.

If we talk about coefficients, at the moment the betting table looks like this:

  • The victory of the Canadians is estimated by a coefficient of 3.00
  • The second and third places are shared by the Russian and Swedish teams. The coefficient is 5.00
  • Fourth place Finland with a coefficient of 6.00
  • The fifth place is shared by the United States with a coefficient of 7.00 and the Czech Republic with a coefficient of 15.00

Despite all the optimistic forecasts taking into account the odds, on the 1xbet website in the hockey line, it is fashionable to find a quite unusual betting item that sounds like «Will be held until the hockey championship 2021». The odds for a positive outcome are 4.00, and for canceling the competition is 7.60.

By the way, users of the 1xbet gaming platform can already place bets online on the IIHF Hockey World Cup. Stay tuned and support your favorite team with 1xbet.