Special Bets

1xbetIf we talk about new trends that are affecting the world of games, then in recent years we can note the expansion of playing opportunities. And these opportunities go beyond sports. It can be seen as a marketing campaign or even an evolution of rates because it becomes limitless.

Politics, Eurovision, Oscars and many other events have become the subject of rates. Especially interesting are rates on events related to films not yet released in cinemas. Users can bet on whom the next James Bond will be or what the end of the Avengers movie will be: Endgame and more.

Being one of the industry leaders at the global level, 1xbet begins to follow the trend and, by the way, does it quite successfully. In addition to sporting events, there are also many Β«exoticΒ» rates on Β«exoticΒ» markets on the company's page.


Dear users! Please keep in mind that only registered users with a positive balance can watch online and download broadcasts with movies.

It all started with politics, while most of the major bookmakers have expanded the options to events with certain important events from around the world, such as the US presidential election. It was the peak of their popularity during the 2016 US presidential election when there was a tough fight between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, so it was not so difficult to catch the chances at a high level.


Obviously, Β«distinctive betsΒ» are not so popular among discerning players, they continue to support sports rates. On the other hand, it is a good chance to reach a wider audience and arouse the interest of people outside of sports. The review will open the scope of Β«distinctive ratesΒ» and value existing ones in 1xbet.

In addition, using our promo code during registration will give you an additional amount of money on your bankroll. Traditionally, it is up to 100 €, but with a code, it will be increased to 130 €. It's a little nicer, isn't it?

Types of Special 1xbet Bookmaker Bets

1xbet, as the engine of the trend, presented an extremely wide sports book related to special bets. In general, it can be divided into categories:

  • Politic rates;
  • Distinctive space bets;
  • Weather betting;
  • Betting on the British Royal Family or on the next Catholic Pope;
  • Eurovision Song Contest;
  • TV games and shows around the world.

Let's look at each of them in more detail.


Dear users! Please keep in mind that only registered users with a positive balance can watch online and download broadcasts with movies.

Politic Bets

The category is divided into regions: USA, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, North Korea, France, Ukraine, Scotland, Sweden and the European Union. There is another distinctive political rate - North and South Korea will unite until 2023. As about the regions, the line includes the presidential election, the parliamentary elections of his country and the adoption by the government of some key law.


Special Space Bets

As you can guess, this category is related to space exploration. Bets are available, such as Β«Man will take a step on Mars by February 1, 2025Β». It can be especially nice if you are an astronaut.

Betting on the Weather

The value is equivalent to the inscription - try to predict the weather at the airports of individual countries. Under/Over Markets Available. However, the chances are extremely low and are usually between 1.1-1.5. It can be especially nice if you work in a meteorological center.

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Betting on the British Royal Family or on the next Catholic Pope

The section is associated with world-famous personalities and global role models, as well as events in the world of celebrities. For example, there is a warning that Β«Kanye West will run to president of the United States in 2020Β». It can be especially nice if you are Kanye West.

Eurovision Song Contest

Since it is held annually, bookmakers add it famous event to their bets every year to their sports line. By the way, the lineup includes not only the overall winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, but also the winners at the national level.


TV Games and Shows

Various events and rewards are open to playing here. They vary by country - Mexico, UK, Russia, Australia and the USA. However, there are world awards in cinema, music and other areas of entertainment. The most popular is the Oscars.


Dear users! Please keep in mind that only registered users with a positive balance can watch online and download broadcasts with movies.

It is an annual award in the field of cinematography, so fans of game will love the many rates on 1xbet movie. What's even nicer is the 1xbet movies download feature is free. Therefore, a 1xbet torrent is no longer needed with this bookmaker, which is much more convenient.


The company is developing rapidly and does not lag behind world trends. On the contrary, he sets some areas of playing himself, for which he is preferred by other betting companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible 1xbet movie download?

Of course, the most important thing is to choose the right resource.

What is the working mirror link for 1xbet?

The website 1xbet.com movies is running freely in India.

If any 1xbet movies download free, it means supporting piracy?

This can be agreed in terms of legislation.

Is it possible to download 1xbet movies hindi via torrent?

Of course, the most important thing is to find a safe source and file, otherwise there may be problems.

How is it possible that in 1xbet Infinity War is one of the most popular betting films?

It is funny, but really possible. Most likely this is due to the increased popularity of adventure militants in India, which is reflected even in this kind of activity.


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