Formula-1: how the teams will change in 2021

Last update on: March 16, 2021

The 2020 racing season has become unique for Formula-1. For the first, the First Ten Stages were canceled, and then, without waiting for the first Grand-Prix, the teams began to sign contracts for 2021 in advance, without evaluating the results of the drivers in the current season.

For example, the top drivers Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, Carlos Sainz at McLaren, and Daniel Ricciardo at Renault knew before the first race in 2020 that they would leave their teams at the end of the season.

In 2021, Formula-1 is waiting for serious changes - not in the regulations, but in the compositions. The 1xbet team has gathered for you all the current information regarding the alignment of forces in teams.

  • Mercedes

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton were the first to extend the contract at Mercedes. However, the chances are high that the current team composition will continue in the next season.

  • Ferrari

In Ferrari, everything is very clear. After the end of the season, Sebastian Vettel will leave the team, and in 2021, Charles LeClair's team-mate will be Carlos Sainz.

  • Red Bull Racing

Red Bull Racing does not hide the bet on max Verstappen, and who will be his partner is not so important. At the moment, the name of Verstappen's team-mate depends on the performance of the contenders in the current season.

  • McLaren

McLaren has confirmed Lando Norris ' contract for next season. His partner in 2021 will be Daniel Ricciardo.

  • Renault/Alpine

One of the indirect reasons for Ricciardo's departure from Renault is the French team's bet on the French driver.
After missing the season – due to the arrival of Ricciardo in 2019 - Esteban Ocon left the Merced Youth program and moved to Renault.
With the «five-year plan» to become the leader of the factory team did not work, but next year it plans to change the name to Alpine, return Fernando Alonso, and start a new cycle of victories.

  • Alfa Romeo

At Alfa Romeo, everything is stable and at the moment contracts have already been signed with Kimi Raikkonen, Miki Schumacher, and Robert Schwartzman.

  • Aston Martin

In 2021, lance Stroll will be paired with Sebastian Vettel, who did not renew his contract with Ferrari.

  • Alpha Tauri

Obviously, the AlphaTauri composition is outdated. The fashion team is waiting for new blood, a young and bright rider who can fulfill the brand's ambitions. According to the latest data, «fresh blood» will be one of the leaders of Formula-2, young, fast, and with the support of Honda Yuki Tsunoda. Many believe that in 2021, he will replace Daniil Kvyat.

  • Williams

Before the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix, Williams confirmed the line-up for next season: both drivers will continue to perform, with George Russell and Nicholas Latifi remaining.

A contract with Mercedes Youth Program member George Russell allowed Williams to get engines at a significant discount, and the son of the Canadian billionaire Nicholas Latifi helped the team with a loan from his father when things were really bad.

These were all the team changes, which would come to Formula-1 in the new season.
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