What to expect from the 2020/2021 volleyball Champions League?

Last update on: March 16, 2021

The youth Volleyball Champions League, which was held in the cities of Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Osijek (Croatia) between August 22 and 30, has just been ended, as the European Volleyball Federation has announced the start of preparations for the 2020/2021 Champions League.

This will be the first Intercontinental volleyball tournament since all international competitions were suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic in March.

Recall that earlier the European volleyball Confederation (CEV) decided not to finish playing the remaining matches of European Competitions. This decision was made in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The four-team final of the men's volleyball Champions League was scheduled to take place in Berlin on May 16.

Despite the cancellation of the remaining games, CEV will allocate 80% of the planned European Cup prize pool to the clubs. The CEV Board has already committed to preserving the European Cup prize pool for use as the main prize in the Champions League.

The draw was held on August 21 and at the moment the Volleyball Confederation (ECB) has already published a list of teams that will participate in the next season's Champions League. 36 men and 29 women's teams will meet on the site of the Champions League 2020/2021 to find out who is the strongest and deserves the title of champion. In total, there are 65 of them.

The top-ranked clubs were given the right to start immediately from the group tournaments, while the rest will make their way through the preliminary stages.

At the moment, according to the expert opinion of 1xbet forecasters, the undisputed leaders are:

  • «Modena» and «Perugia», Italy - run-up coefficients from 1.96 to 2.31
  • «Fino Kaposvar», Hungary) is a factor of 1.89
  • «Awning», Serbia - a factor of 2.00

At the same time, 1xbet experts consider «Zadruga», Austria to be an outsider since the odds for winning this team do not exceed 1.09.

Let's see how successful these forecasts will be.

Who will you bet on in the Volleyball Champions League?