PGA tour at the Arnold Palmer Invitational Golf tournament: what was the first tournament in 2020

Last update on: March 16, 2021

Florida is literally working hard to prepare the most stylish golfers for the upcoming major tournaments. Just a week ago, Im Sungjae won the Honda Classic with a score of «-6» and last Sunday, Tyrrell Hatton won the first title of the PGA tour Golf tournament, Arnold Palmer Invitational one of the toughest fields of the higher result is «-4».

As for the tournament, Arnold Palmer Invitational, he held the field Bay Hill Club, which has a par 72, that is, four holes of par-5.

The Bay Hill field with its abundance of water barriers and high RAF is difficult in itself, but on Saturday and Sunday, the organizers also set up flags in hard-to-reach places, so the level of difficulty of the Arnold Palmer Invitational was not inferior to the «majors», and in some ways, perhaps even superior. Thus, it became an excellent training base for the upcoming world event.

And for almost all golfers, the tournament was a real challenge. Suffice it to say that golfers hit the green with the standard number of strokes only 50.5% of the time. This is the lowest percentage on the PGA tour since 2005. In addition, 284 strokes (which is exactly how many Tyrrell Hatton landed) is the most for a PGA tour champion in a field with a par 72 since 2014.

In addition, «-4» is the second-highest result of the Arnold Palmer Invitational in the history of the tournament. Finally, just one round of fewer than 70 punches was recorded over the weekend.

Not far behind is Matthew Fitzpatrick, who passed the Bay Hill field last Sunday for 69 touches and immediately rose to 27 positions, as almost everyone regularly allowed bugs, doubles, and even triples.

The main favorite, Rory Mcilroy, also got off to a great start. However, after 66 hits on the first day, he hit 73 in the second and third, and on Sunday allowed two double bogeys and showed a result of 76.

Thus, all four of them qualify for the final of the championship, which according to preliminary data will be held on October 30.

If you believe the forecasts, the odds for the upcoming final will look like this:

  1. Tyrrell Hatton - 1.98 to win in 65-68 touches;
  2. Matthew Fitzpatrick - 1.90 to win and 2.00 to second in 69-70 touches;
  3. Rory Mcilroy - 1.86 to win and 1.90 to finish second and third and play 72+ touches;
  4. Sungjae Im - 1.85 to win, 1.90 to second and third place with 75 touches.

Now you know the preliminary predictions for the upcoming Arnold Palmer Invitational final, so don't forget to make inquiries and watch the tournament live on the official 1xbet website.